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It's all about the tulips!

It's all about the tulips!

British tulips grown by Love Delivered
One of the main crops that we grow are Tulips, we actually grow 15 million of them throughout the whole season. We start Tulip production at the beginning of December right through until early May. We have a very complicated programme that we put together to ensure that we have all the colours all the time, especially for times such as Valentine’s, Mothers’ Day and Easter. 
Love Delivered tulip tray tulip hydroponics at Love Delivered
Our bulbs are hand planted on ‘pin trays’ which act as an anchor. The trays are then filled with water and put in a rooting room for 2-3 weeks at a temperature of 6 degrees. This allows them to develop nice white roots before they are taken to the glasshouse, laid out and topped up with water daily. They continue to take up water but also get an oxygen supply and in a further 2-3 weeks are ready to crop.
 tulips ready to crop at Love Delivered farm
Tulips ready for picking cropping tulips at Love Delivered Farm Love Delivered Tulips bulbs
After they are cropped by hand, we remove the bulb from the stem and they are ready to make their way to you!
Even the bulb is not wasted, these are used as local cattle feed.
Tulip Columbus from Love Delivered
We grow lots of different varieties, my personal favourites is Columbus, a peachy pink double tulip, which is just so beautiful. 
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