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Our Story

We are Love Delivered, expert British flower Growers based in the heart of Lincolnshire specialising in growing seasonal flowers. We are a family run business with over 40 years’ experience and we pride ourselves on all of our practices. From our growing standards to caring for our environment and using 100% recyclable packaging.
All of our Tulips are grown hydroponically, meaning no peat is used – just water! This eliminates any use of pesticides, helping to preserve the all-important Peat bogs. It is a lot cleaner and easier for our Team Love croppers.

All of our flowers are irrigated using recycled rainwater which has been harvested from our roof gutters and stored in our onsite reservoirs.

When we need to keep our flowers warm, we use a Biomass heating system, so we are not burning any fossil fuels or producing any harmful emissions. The Biomass uses recycled wood i.e. end of life pallets and fruit packaging. When we need to keep them cool, we have Solar panels to assist with our electricity use.

Our flowers are grown in glasshouses and they even have their own blinds known as Thermal Screening to keep the heat in. When the sun starts getting stronger, the outside of the glass is whitewashed to keep the heat out and to keep the flowers cool, they really are very demanding!

Any flowers which are not home grown are sourced from other high quality local flower producers, so they have only travelled a few miles down the road. It is essential that your flower delivery is as fresh as possible.
(During peak campaigns we may source flowers from ethical farms outside of the UK.)

All of our packaging that you receive your beautiful flowers in is 100% recyclable even down to the wrapper on the flower food.

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